3 Myths You Need To Shoot Down If You Can’t Create Content

Everyone Starts From 0

The best started from 0 irrespective of where they are now.

Myth 1 : My Content Isn’t Unique

Everyone is a sum of their life experiences. So you’re unique by default. By sharing your lessons and adding personal instances, you give a perspective that is fresh.

Myth 2 : I Need A Niche

You don’t find your voice. You create it. To create, you need to start. Speak about problems you faced a year, a month, a week ago and you’re already adding value to peoples lives.

Myth 3 : People Will Not Find Me Credible

As long as you add value (as seen in myth 2) people are going to find you credible.



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Rainar Angelo

Rainar Angelo

On a journey to learn the art of telling stories. People need to listen to facts. I'll use stories to convey the same.