3 Things That Can Help You In Your Pursuits

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

1. Aim For Less To Do More

If you aim to touch upon every activity in a day, you’re going to fizzle out.

  • You’re going to stress because you didn’t finish everything
  • You’re going to have no time to settle down mentally or physically

2. You Can’t Do Everything — Prioritize

How do you decide what to do now and push for later?

3. Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself

This is a no brainer but sometimes, the brain doesn’t do this 😂. It’s better to have three B+ grades than one A+ and two F’s.



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Rainar Angelo

Rainar Angelo

On a journey to learn the art of telling stories. People need to listen to facts. I'll use stories to convey the same.