3 Things That Can Help You In Your Pursuits

Rainar Angelo
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It’s great to be ambitious and driven but you could be the reason you’re sabotaging your goals.

We want to do a LOT of things in life. The day has 24 hours but we are NOT limited to one day. It’s important to understand that you can’t do everything at once even with all the productivity you can muster.

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By accepting reality, you might be doing yourself a favor. It’s a lesson I’ve been trying to teach myself.

Here’s 3 things to understand if you’re aiming for multiple things in life:

1. Aim For Less To Do More

If you aim to touch upon every activity in a day, you’re going to fizzle out.

  • You’re going to stress because you didn’t finish everything
  • You’re going to have no time to settle down mentally or physically

The aim is to touch upon a realistic count of goals/ habits in the short term to benefit in the long term.

You WILL do enough in the long run to see things line up in a phased manner. Trust the process.

2. You Can’t Do Everything — Prioritize

How do you decide what to do now and push for later?

I personally follow the building block approach. Doing the things that will help in the long run, but are not difficult to pursue now is pragmatic. For example,

If you want to create content, start with writing, then move to audio (where writing already helps your thought process). Eventually move to video where writing and audio are already covered for you.

You stack skills systematically to give you an advantage.

3. Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself

This is a no brainer but sometimes, the brain doesn’t do this 😂. It’s better to have three B+ grades than one A+ and two F’s.

Be kind to yourself. If you’re not, no one else will be.

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