Add This Item To Your To-Do List — You’ll Do Better

Photo by Thomas Bormans on Unsplash

What do people add?

Mostly chores, stuff to do at work and some miscellaneous tasks like “Pick my child from school” (because apparently that needs a reminder)

What do people never add?

I’ve never seen a ‘To-Do’ list with “thinking” as a task. We’re so obsessed with doing, we never stop to think.

  • It helps us to plan, create and reflect
  • Helps the brain like warmups help the body before a workout
  • Helps us reinforce our beliefs (so let’s keep those positive)


Make some time in your day to think, slow down and be mindful.



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Rainar Angelo

Rainar Angelo

On a journey to learn the art of telling stories. People need to listen to facts. I'll use stories to convey the same.