How Podcasts And Spaces Can Make You A Better Speaker

  • Twitter Spaces are live audio conversations where you can be a host, speaker or listener. In this essay, I’ll emphasize on speaking.
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How Can These Help You Speak Better?

If you’re a regular listener of podcasts, especially of the same host, you’re bound to use some of the vocabulary in your daily life.

How is this different from talking to people?

  1. You overcome your fear of articulating your thoughts to a larger forum
  2. You can’t gossip. You have to provide value (or at least make sense)
  3. Personally, I focus on pace, pronunciation and content. The perfect trio of a good speaker.

How Do You Do The Same?

Step 1: Pick Podcasts In The Language And Topic Of Choice

You’re only going to listen to the content that interests you.

Step 2: Pay Attention To The Host — Observe Phrases And Pacing

Good podcasts hosts manage to ask really good questions, use different phrases to convey the same thing and adjust their pace and tone to the situation.

Step 3: Practice! Unless You Already Record Podcasts, Do Spaces

Getting over your discomfort of speaking can only be done by speaking. Yes, there’s no master hack here.



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Rainar Angelo

Rainar Angelo

On a journey to learn the art of telling stories. People need to listen to facts. I'll use stories to convey the same.