How To Never Run Out Of Ideas — Whether You’re Writing Or Hosting A Family Dinner

“I don’t know what to write” is the most common problem faced by someone beginning their writing journey.

This however, isn’t limited just to writing, but other creative processes. Whether you want to write, put out a video, have an agenda for a team meeting or want to share a story at a family get together, this can help you.

The underlying problem is the lack of having something to share. One way to do this is to maintain a Creators Diary (you can call it anything)

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To understand this better, let’s break it into 3 pieces (and actionable steps)

We get great ideas all the time and hear interesting things almost everyday.

When we try to recall this, we forget. When you get that ‘eureka’ moment or have a breakthrough in a conversation, write it down in a book aka your ‘Creator’s Diary’.

Plus point? It never looks rude writing something down (compared to typing)

Your Diary is not your website or presentation. Write that great idea down before you forget.

The intention is to capture, not edit or perfect it. It’s key to capture the raw essence of the moment you’re in. You can always edit later when you have to share. Write anything and everything that made you think/ hooked you in.

The next time you want to share something, all you have to do is visit what’s written.

It’s also a great highlight reel of all the things that interested you.

From a quote that made you smile to a breakthrough in therapy, you can share your genuine self.

If you want to write, pick key points, expand and publish. If you want to give a toast at someone’s engagement, you’re bound to find a funny story in there.

It’s also how I never run out of things to write.

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