Read 100 Books Multiple Times — Ignore The Rest

Why Is This Worth Discussing?

Reading is seen as activity that makes you smart. While that’s true, it’s pointless if there is no action. Reading 52 books a year doesn’t make you smart, applying 2 things from a book is more rewarding.

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How Do I Decide What Books Are Worth Rereading?

The choice of books you read are your own. Forcing yourself to read books because “someone” said it’s the best book they read isn’t helpful. Here’s 3 things you can do:

1. Books With Multiple Action Points

Personally, rereading nonfiction books is a priority. It helps me remember key action points from that book. There’s a new perspective every time I read it and it’s easier. The wave of information from the first read doesn’t overwhelm me the second time around.

2. Books That Stood The Test Of Time

Books that stood the test of time often address old problems. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius covers problems humans have faced for years. Newer books make place for recent problems, but Classics are read till date for a reason.

3. Books That Help You Upskill The Way YOU Want

This is certainly the most important one. Reading books that address the concerns and learnings YOU want to pursue add the most value.



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Rainar Angelo

On a journey to learn the art of telling stories. People need to listen to facts. I'll use stories to convey the same.